This process gives you a general indication of how we work. Depending on project scope, it will be customised to suit your business’ needs.

Audit – Prior to the beginning of a project we conduct an audit of your company, in which we look into how design can contribute in achieving your business objectives. The audit then functions as a base in defining the project brief/tender.

Analysis – In this phase we analyse areas, which the audit has highlighted as important to look into further in order to establish a solid foundation for idea and concept development.

Idea Generation – Based on a deeper understanding of your company’s conditions, we now partner with you to develop sustainable business ideas. We’re confident in your expertise within your field and consider a close collaboration with the competences of your company crucial to the success of a project. In this phase we bring a user perspective, and an understanding of your brand values, into the innovation process.

Concept Development & Visualisation – We help you develop meaningful offerings for your customers, and make sure your products and business ideas communicate the desired brand values, so you can get as fast a return on investment as possible.

Implementation – Depending on your company’s own production capacity and existing partnerships with subcontractors, we support in the implementation phase, for example, by assisting in developing necessary documents. We can also assist in developing presentations and workshops targeting key stakeholders such as employees and investors. In order to measure the value of the outcome, we wish to follow up and evaluate the success of it.